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The Other Logo

Posted on Mar 1, 2017 in Design Related
The Other Logo

A dear friend asked me to help her with a logo for her business. She’s a Human Potential Development Coach, currently training to be a Bulletproof Coach. She helps motivated people reclaim their energy, vitality and focus so they can do more of what they love, and live on purpose. Knowing her the way I do, I have no doubt that she will make this business thrive, and it was fun to hear her talk about it. To describe what she envisioned for her brand, she used words like simple, impactful, clean, and yet kinda irreverent. The logo would need to appeal to mostly women, but should not exclude men—and it should not look “girly”. I love the name 4S Coaching—and what it stands for: Smart, Sacred, Sexy, Sure. Awesome, right?

Oh, and did I mention, my friend is also a really talented artist? Yeah—really talented. So she already knew in her mind what the logo was going to look like. She even provided me with a tight colored sketch. She just needed me to digitize what she had created.

I started by searching for fonts to match what she had drawn, and included additional options that I thought had interesting shapes, that also personified the traits she talked about. I sent a selection, and she excitedly sent back the ones she liked best—surprise— they looked just like the ones in her sketch! So I completed the design to match her sketch.


The colors she asked for—no question—they’re perfect. They’re warm. They’re energetic. They’re a perfect balance of feminine and masculine. They’re everything she wants to communicate. So I took them very literally from the sketch she provided. Love ’em.

But…overall, it didn’t feel quite complete to me. I felt like I wanted to send her an additional version—one that pushed the boundaries within her design just a little more—one that was more impactful and kinda irreverent—like she had expressed. Once I finished, I knew she’d like it, but that didn’t mean it would be right for what she envisioned for her business—I mean, she’d stuck to her original vision with everything else I put in front of her. It would be for her to decide, and I’d be okay with whatever she wanted.

So where did we end up? Coaches always tell you to push yourself, and she was willing to do just that. She knew what she wanted initially, but was willing to let me help her push it a little further—just like she’s going to help others do in their lives. Best of luck to my smart, sacred, sexy, sure friend, Blue.


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