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I’m an independent graphic designer with a simple, clean, classic style, and an obsession with excellent typography.


Good communication with you is important to me.
 You are kept in the loop via email throughout the project.

LEARN – I begin every project by listening and learning. By collecting information from you and doing additional research, I’m able to tailor every aspect of my process to meet your individual needs.

EXPLORE – By evaluating the collected information, I begin to organize and prioritize ideas. I focus on things that spark ideas that can be further developed creatively.

CREATE – This is where I get to take the best ideas, and develop them visually into multiple concepts that I can share with you. One direction will be selected for further development.

COMPLETE – With a creative direction selected, the sophisticated, yet simple designs are successfully and beautifully applied to the applications you need.

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I will prepare a proposal (at no cost nor obligation to you) which includes your specific project details. With an agreement to the proposed time, budget, and project scope, you pay a down-payment, and the work on your project begins.

I offer experience and quality—but without the overhead that many design companies have—so my prices are often lower, and my timelines are faster too. You’re working directly with me, not through a series of project managers, reducing your cost and improving the turn-time.

If necessary, adjustments can be made to the deliverables in order to work within a specific budget. Discuss your budgetary needs with me and I’ll give you the best options I can to begin a great working relationship (additional options include: 30-day terms, working on retainer, payment plans, PayPal invoicing, etc).

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Many of the same design principles apply whether creating a logo, a brand, or designing a brochure, or a book. I love doing print design, and my years of experience enable me to deliver great results. I’m confident in my ability to create and extend your brand in a way you’ll love. I work with trusted vendors and printers who produce my designs, getting the final product into your hands.

To extend your brand online, I contract and collaborate with skilled programmers to get the online results you need.


Everything about your small business should reflect confidence in its offerings, services, and products. A skilled designer can help you create the appropriate brand, creatively applied to each of your business needs, positioning your business where it can effectively compete.

Being new or small doesn’t mean you’re limited to using clip art to define your company! It simply takes more discipline, focus and skill to accommodate your needs with a smaller budget. mGraphicDesign is positioned to effectively work with you. With expertise in managing smaller budgets, I will work with you to create and extend your brand, communicating the appropriate visual message, which helps you compete.

If you want to reflect professionalism from your business card to your brochures and everything between, look at my portfolio. If you like what you see, contact me—let’s get started!