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Run-in with a Judge

Posted on Dec 20, 2016 in Design Related
Run-in with a Judge

I assume most people hope they don’t have many dealings with a judge. However, a recent experience left me feeling like I’ve been too quick to…well…make that determination.

Out of the blue, I got an email from a bankruptcy court judge in Alabama. He’d been looking via Google for wall art with the quote attributed to Jimi Hendrix: “Knowledge speaks but wisdom listens.” He came across my Q-Cards blog and told me “of all the images I’ve seen of that quote, I love the clean style of your interpretation best.” He wanted to hire me to create a larger file so he could have the file printed on stretched canvas.

As cool as that is, it gets better. As we emailed back and forth about the production details, he explained, “I’m going to hang it on the wall next to the door going from my chambers to the courtroom to remind me to keep my mouth shut.” Wow. I mean, really. Can you think of a better phrase to consider before making big decisions?

I told him I wanted to share how awesome he is in a blog post (with my mom, sister, and the three other people who read my blog). He’s a judge after all, so I’m not gonna NOT ask…

I still hope I don’t have any reason to appear before a judge, but if I ever have to, I hope he thinks like this one does. Thank you, sir.


note 11-14-2016
This judge keeps getting cooler. He emailed me a photo of the finished piece above his door.

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