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Book Design

Design for a historical tribute book for a medical clinic—sharing the history and vision from the very beginning when it was just the work of a single doctor [ for Tanner Clinic ].

To complement the historic aspects of the book, I included a subtle antiqued edging throughout, which is a little bit more pronounced on the chapter spreads. For the typographic features, I chose soft, understated colors which are consistent with a historic feeling, but which also add a little bit of contrast on the pages that either have no images, or where the images are very old and not in color.

One of the challenges of working on this type of book, is the are various types of imagery—newspaper clippings, office collateral, notes, stories, and photos which vary in condition and quality. They all need to be arranged chronologically, and arranged in a way that looks professional—not like an amateurish scrapbook.  Challenge accepted.

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