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Cruisin’ — Puerto Vallarta

Posted on Jul 15, 2016 in Going Places
Cruisin’ — Puerto Vallarta

When it comes to world travel, I’m kind of a hobbit. I tend to stick to places that are in my comfort zone—weather-wise…language-wise…culture-wise…every-wise. When Gene talked about wanting to go on a cruise, it took a little convincing, but he got me on board (literally). After a lot of searching, we booked one to Cabo San Lucas / Mazatlan / Puerto Vallarta. We chose to go in the late fall for the lowest possible humidity, with typical temps in the low to mid 70s…but nature decided to take me more out of my comfort zone. It ended up being in the high 90s with 90–95% humidity the entire trip. ugh! 

But we did it! Puerto Vallarta was our third/final port. It was somewhat overcast that day, so while it was still hot and humid, the beating sun wasn’t making it worse; we’d had a great experience walking around in Mazatlan the previous day, and were feeling overly confident. We wanted to go to the Malecon to see the amazing sculpture-lined oceanside walkway, and we decided to walk there, exploring the city along the way…wrong! (Well, I guess we could have walked all the way there, but when we finally decided to get a cab after walking for about an hour, then we rode for another 15 more minutes before arriving, we were glad we didn’t keep walking!) Some who wander really ARE lost!

However, we were glad we went! The sculptures, the mosaic rock art in the walkway, the gorgeous ocean-front, the historic church nearby—all AWEsome. And I have pictures to prove it.

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