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GryphonBC1Branding, web site design

Gryphon Private Wealth Management provides financial services for individuals and companies. My goal for this branding project was to communicate stability, and responsibility while also appealing especially to those who appreciate good quality, and refinement.

Classic, conservative colors and typography were selected as part of the brand. The business cards are printed on a heavy duplex stock with a ribbed texture on one side. For even greater impact, the symbol of the gryphon was embossed, and the company name uses silver metallic ink and thermography printing.

The web site features a photo of the Sawtooth Mountains, near where the client is based (the mythical gryphon creature resides in the mountains and is a protector of wealth—the perfect visual for the metaphorical home of “gryphon”). The site is intentionally simple, to provide a web presence and just enough information to invite the right clients to reach out for more individually-based information.

We used a lot of specialty techniques for the printed items, but rather than being overboard, it’s a complementary balance of features that communicate money spent, but responsibly—the right message to send to their clients.


Gryphon Private Wealth web site