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Meeting Wally

Posted on Jun 29, 2016 in Design Related, Inspired By
Meeting Wally

06-16 Wally

side note…there are a few links in this post, but every one of them is worth the extra click!

Have you ever heard of Wally Olins? I admit I hadn’t, even though he’s a branding guru. However, as I was perusing the digital portfolio of a talented collage artist, Eleanor Shakespeare, I was drawn to her illustration of him (center image, above). One click led to another, and I stumbled upon the coolest tribute/directory ever.

Wally passed away a couple years ago, but he still continues to inspire. The Wall of Wally is a visual directory for illustrators who are invited to re-imagine a portrait of him in their own style. Each illustration is added to the large online collection, creating a great resource for those looking to hire an illustrator with a particular style—or for “lookers” like me and you who just like to peruse cool things (Wally’s wife and his design consultancy have given permission to use his portrait, and for the project). I also love that it becomes a living, constantly-changing, creative tribute to him.

Ready to check out the Wall of Wally? Yeah you are.

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