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A Day in Alexandria

Posted on Feb 24, 2016 in Going Places
A Day in Alexandria


A couple years ago, when my husband and I were in the Washington DC area for several days, our GPS directed us through a part of historic Alexandria on our way to somewhere—I can’t remember where now—but we were mesmerized by how gorgeous it was. We immediately decided that we’d be returning to explore before our trip was over.

We returned to the area we had driven through, parked, and got out to explore. We found ourselves wandering in a beautiful historic area with quaint shops and restaurants occupying the amazingly well-preserved historic brick buildings. We had brunch in a trendy cafe (turned out to be the most delicious meal either of us had the entire trip), and ended up doing Christmas shopping for our grand-kiddos in the cutest toy store.

We fell in love with the cobblestone and brick walkways, side streets, and the inviting alleys. Gene indulged me while I stopped to take photos of stairs, posts, brick and tile, and detail on almost every. singe. thing. I couldn’t help it!  We ended up at Waterfront Park, and just sat on a bench for awhile and enjoyed the scenery of the beautiful area.

I can’t believe we would have missed that day if the GPS hadn’t steered us that direction to find…whatever it was…because that day in Alexandria was one of my favorite experiences of the trip.


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